Companion CBD Wins ‘Chewable Treat Product of the Year’ at Pet Independent Innovation Awards

Annual Awards Program Honors Innovative Products and Companies in the Expanding Pet Care Market



The Independent Innovation Awards announced today Companion CBD has been awarded ‘Chewable Treat Product of the Year’ honors at the Pet Independent Innovation Awards. Run by the Independent Innovation Awards organization, a leading industry recognition platform honoring the most innovative companies and products in the world, the Pet Independent Innovation Awards recognizes the top companies, services, and products in the industry today.

Companion CBD provides pet owners and veterinarians with educational tools and evidence-based products supporting the medical needs of household pets. The company uses the latest advancements in cannabinoid science to formulate affordable CBD-based products. Its educational platform is the first nationally accredited RACE approved CE for veterinarians supporting the use of CBD-based products in a safe and effective manner. The company’s Companion Soft Chew product offered in four different strengths, to support animals of all sizes and treat a variety of conditions in a cost effective manner.

“The world of CBD has expanded rapidly in the last few years and as the science of CBD evolves, so do our products,” said Brad Malin, CEO, Companion CBD, LLC. “We are developing the next generation of CBD products for pet owners and we believe the future of our industry depends on the delivery of accurate and honest information about the value of CBD-based products.”

With most industries shocked by the global COVID-19 pandemic shut down, the pet industry is holding its own as consumers are more willing than ever to pull out all the stops to keep their companions healthy and happy. As the number of pet care products grows and consumers become more educated about the industry, innovative new products and services reach the market daily. The Independent Innovation Awards program aims to evaluate and recognize the most outstanding and innovative companies, services, and products within the rapidly expanding pet industry.

“Companion CBD has become a trusted brand in veterinary medicine across the U.S. and around the world, known for its powerful and pet taste bud approved CBD,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, Independent Innovation Awards. “We are excited to award Companion CBD this year’s honor for ‘Chewable Treat Product of the Year’ for their therapeutic pet-friendly Soft Chews and dedication to shaping a better future for our loved companions.”

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Veterinarian-owned and operated. A manufacturer of high-potency hemp products for companion animals in accordance with veterinary dosing guidelines. Veterinary hospitals endorse and retail. We encourage all pet owners to discuss CBD with a veterinarian before administering any hemp product to their pet(s). The company is also known for its continuing nationally accredited education programs for veterinary medicine and pet parents everywhere. CompanionCBD’s “Ask A Vet” online tool, offers free veterinary consultations available to anyone with questions how CBD can help manage their pets wellbeing. For more information visit:

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